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Hedningarna - Täss'on Nainen
(Text: Trad. Musik: S. Kurki-Suonio)

Here´s a woman, brought by northwind
brought by northwind, pulled by waters,
washed ashore by waves of oceans,
drifted here on rising billows.

When but I begin my chanting
I´ll sing seas to mead and honey
bottomgravel all to saltgrains
sands of sea to beans uncounted

Just by once my girdle tying,
just by once my shirt on taking
once by fastening my buckles
once my feet in shoes by thrusting.

Rise, my nature, off the earth now,
lift my sin from ground beneath me,
lift my sin from ground beneath me,
fay from underneath the aspen.

Найдено у konoplinovich. Понравилось. Здесь оригинал на финском языке.

UPDATE: Подстрочник (дословный перевод на русский язык).